We are highly experienced in streaming live events online. We have an expert team with a great track record that is in continuous contact with clients to find the most suitable solution for every event.

We take live broadcasts a step further, optimising the experience. If your company produces valuable contents, we offer an online platform that provides new business opportunities over the Internet, managing and/or monetising your events by streaming.

Compatible with new technologies, your content will be perfectly compatible with all mobile devices and browsers in the market, as well as providing real time statistics, broadcasting from mobile devices and geo-localisation systems, which will enable you to decide where your contents can be viewed. Our platform is also optimised to improve your positioning in social networks and search engines.

We are highly experienced and cover very diverse events: conferences, international congresses, surgical operations, etc.

Our pre-broadcast protocol:

  • Preliminary visit to the venue.
  • Pre-event checks and embedded code management.
  • Creation of personalised microsites.
  • Adding the social networks of your choice.
  • Set up public or private chats.
  • Keep the information about the event continuously updated.
  • Activate the countdown to the event.
  • Broadcast the event on the internet at the chosen time.
  • Decide whether your content will be free or pay-per-view.
  • Use Crowdfunding to co-produce your projects.
  • Geolocalisation, deciding which countries can see your content.
  • Publish your event in advance with full information.
  • Visualise real time statistics.
  • Use advertising banners.
  • Broadcast from a mobile device.
  • Circumstantial connectivity to broadcast from anywhere you want.
  • Visualisation on mobile devices.
  • Connection with social networks (Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin and YouTube).
  • Simultaneous translation (up to four languages on line).
  • Accessible: Additional window for sign language translators.
  • Subtitling.
  • Change streaming broadcast time.
  • Record on our servers and broadcast the event simultaneously.
  • Edit the microsite and the information it contains.
  • Visualise statistics at all times.
  • Change advertising banners on demand.

After the broadcast, post-broadcast:

  1. Broadcasting via the customer’s website:

    • Sending statistical report.
    • Editing, export and compression of recordings to web format.
    • Uploading video to FT or delivering in the required format.
    • Recommendations for creating a future video library.
  2. Broadcast via our microsite:

    • You choose the perfect time to broadcast your content in VOD (deferred), and your viewers and advertisers can enjoy it whenever they like.
    • Host and publish any content on our servers.
    • Edit the microsite and its content.
    • Add the social networks of your choice to the microsite.
    • Visualise statistics at all times.
    • Change advertising banners on demand.

We can provide you with servers, specifically configured for live and deferred event streaming with high broadband consumption. We specialise in all streaming platforms.


Would you like to record your sporting event, product presentation or cultural fair from above? Filming with drones has great potential in the new video presentation or corporate model for your business or idea.


For streaming, false live broadcasts of ‘making of’ films offer enable you to post-produce your content and to create the composition you have in mind. Request information and explore the possibilities of post-production, taking your project to another level.


Your content will be implemented in our own services with maximum security and professionalism, so that you can send it wherever you like, regardless of the type of broadcast you need.


Live broadcasts over the internet is the best way of showing your content, but it is essential to know the impact it has had. That’s why we offer you detailed broadcast statistics so that nothing goes unnoticed.


We devote all our expertise and commitment to your project, supplying you with professional camera operators to capture your content. You can also request one or several operators if this is the only service you require.