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New addition to the recording team at Asap Global Solution, for videos, live streaming and deferred events...

  • We have a new travelling companion, a magnificent professional Panasonic HC X-100 camcorder with a Leica Dicomar 20X lens and 4K technology that makes it possible to crop compositions, select the perfect frame, film in HD quality with the zoom set to 200%, convert recordings into panoramic shots, control image level and tilt and easily stabilise film.

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Paper and pen, Lean Canvas and business plan

This is necessary to find out what is missing in your idea and draw a first line to follow. You have to take a paper and a pen and make a basic outline: What are you selling? How to make money? Who will buy? Otherwise: product / service, public and monetization.

If you lack any of these three pillars you have to get to investigate.

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We are pleased to report that despite our very short tour in Asap Global Solution we already have several projects in hand whose information we share with you since we am very pleased to see the reception we have received about our offerings in the various sectors to which they are intended.

In this second article we will show projects related to the audiovisual sector, although web projects and technological development are also many, today we will focus on these.

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Inaugurated the official website of Asap Global Solution. The experience of the founding partners of the company in a previous company in the world of new technologies do provide us an exciting future to come. The beginnings, as anywhere, will be difficult but we have the experience and enthusiasm with us.

In this first article we would like to introduce the team that makes up the company: